Fieldset Block

The Fieldset block organizes Input, Textarea, and Select blocks into a cohesive grouping using a <fieldset> element. It enhances form usability and accessibility by visually and programmatically grouping related form elements. This promotes better organization and clarity, helping users understand the relationships between input fields within the form.

To add a Fieldset block, create a new form and open the Block Inserter tool. Use the search bar to find the Fieldset block and click on its icon to insert it into the editor.

You can also choose the Fieldset block from the “Block Inserter” (+) pop-up window when you click on the (+) sign.

Block Settings

In order to take full advantage of the Block Editor in WordPress, the Fieldset block supports Color settings to modify the text and background colors, the Dimension settings to adjust padding and margin size, and the Border settings to control the width and radius of each side of the element.

Official documentation for these settings controls are available on

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